Friday, January 13, 2006

What ever happened to that 80's music?

It's alive and well in central and south America. During our two trips to Honduras, it seemed like we couldn't go a day without hearing Lady in Red at least once, if not two or three times. It seemed like every other house, bus, or car had a radio on and it would invariably be playing something by one those 80's super-groups likes Kansas, Chicago, or Boston. During our first trip there, I event spent an hour or so sitting out under the stars in Arena Blanca, listening to Rush's Exit Stage Left album blasting up the mountainside from a nearby house.

Since we've arrived in Peru, we've mostly heard the latest America pop playing in Larcomar and surrounding areas. However, last night we were in a very upscale Ripley's department store and I slowly realized that the song playing was Genesis' (It's No Fun Being An) Illegal Alien (everything else being played was recent pop hits). I couldn't figure out if it was just a poor choice of musak or part of a subtle anti-immigration campain on the part of the U.S.


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