Thursday, February 16, 2006

Back in the States

We're back in Mobile, Alabama after our overnight flight via Houston. Overall, the trip home went relatively smoothly - Will was an absolute champ compared to the whiney brat who spent six hours kicking the backs of our seat on the flight from Lima. Holly is coming down with something so she showered and has crawled into bed for a nap before our appointment with the midwife this afternoon.

I'm fresh out of the shower myself too and trying to figure out how to deal with our latest computer crisis - the power supply to Holly's laptop has gone missing. We're sure we packed it and I vaguely remember seeing it when the security guy in the Lima airport went through the bag it was in (to verify that my electric razor wouldn't turn on in mid-flight). When we got to Mobile and starting unpacking, we discovered a TSA inspection notice in the bag and now we can't find the power supply. Coincidence? I think not.

Since Holly's laptop is now my one lifeline to my work stuff (since my laptop died), I'm scrambling to find a replacement for it. We can't afford wait to get one from eBay so I've been doing some sleuthing and think I can get a generic power adapter from BestBuy. Either way, it looks like I'll probably be driving back to New Orleans tonight or first thing tomorrow morning just so I can back on my main work machine and not have to use up the vacation time we're trying to save for when Katherine is born.

All in all, its good to be home but we're also really sad at having to leave all the wonderful new friends we've made in Lima. Coming home to New Orleans is bittersweet since we don't think we'll be there much longer at all.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Matt said...

The iGo power adaptors work great. I have one that I have used for my laptop while traveling. I think Best Buy or Radio Shack carries them.


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