Sunday, April 09, 2006

Woodworking, Phase 2

Saturday I talked an innocent neighbor into helping me carry the bookshelf into the kid's bedroom. It was almost too much for the two of us to carry. After it was over, Holly thanked him with some Black Moons (chocolate cake cookies with marshmellowy filling) so hopefully he'll still talk to us after the experience.

Sunday morning I built the upper unit which will eventually have a set of cabinet doors on it and be used for longer term storage. Both units have been moved into the corner and I'll be working on fastening them to the wall tonight. This afternoon my father-in-law was in town (came along for Holly's baby shower) and he helped me pick up the sheets of wood I'll need for the facing and also the set of bookshelves to go in my new study.

The fit into the corner in the bedroom has been fun. Nothing in this old house is square so I've designed the exposed side of the shelves to actually cover up the little bumpout for the fireplace. The wall slopes so far back over its twelve foot height that the top shelf unit is actually 1 1/2 inches deeper than the bottom one. On the left side, the closet wall was so off of square at the back that I had to cut out a huge chunk of drywall for the upper unit to fit into place.

Despite all the fun issues fitting the shelves, I'm still incredibly pleased with how they're turning out. Hopefully I'll be just as happy after installing the side panel (which needs to be scribed to a very wavy wall).


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