Monday, April 10, 2006

Day Three of the Monolith

Will had a late nap today so I only had a small window of time between his nap and dinner (and I actually woke him up from his nap when I tried to get an earlier start). I managed to anchor the shelves to the wall and put on the lower sheet of 1/2" MDF to cover up the screw holes and carry the side of the shelves all the way to the back wall (hiding the fireplace bumpout). It was a lot of tedious work but I'm pleased with the fit to the wall - I should be able to caulk the remaining gap and paint over it with no problems.

Tomorrow I hope to find time to complete the siding. After that I'll probably hold off on the trim work until the weekend when our boarder, Alex, is out of town. The detail work will involve a bunch of sanding so I'll want to take the bed out of the room first.


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