Monday, June 26, 2006

Part One Installed, Part Two on Deck

After I wrapped up work for the day, I was able to install the lower shelf unit in my study. This was a major undertaking since I had to remove the baseboards, door, and doorjamb in order to be able to slide the shelves into place. I wanted a tight fit that would make it appear like the shelves were built right in. The door jamb extended over an inch into the room and that would have meant some awkward trimming of the shelves to make them look built in.

After a quick dip in our neighbors pool (they're still not back from Katrina and have invited us to use it when we want) and dinner, I retired to my lair in the outbuilding. There, in the not quite stifling evening heat, I built the second section of the shelves. This section will be for holding books so the shelves aren't quite as deep but will have extra reinforcement to deal with the extra weight. In order to keep the weight managable, I made them not quite as tall as I had originally planned. So at this point it looks like I might need to make two more individual units for what will eventually be the upper cabinets.


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