Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cream De La Cream

Over the last two days, I've completed the two coats of trim paint and the first of two coats of wall paint. So tomorrow all I have left is a second coat of wall paint (cut-in and rolling). I tried to push on and start the second cut-in coat tonight but quickly ran out of steam.

A few people have e-mailed me asking about my painting technique so here's a quick overview. Basically, I don't tape the edges nor do I put down drop clothes. Particularly in our old house with lots of "interesting" drywall joints along the baseboard, I've found that I get a cleaner edge doing the cut-in by hand. After the trim is all painted, I do the cut-in freehand. Once it dries, I then tape up newspaper to cover the baseboards from any incidental splatter from rolling the walls.

Since these pictures were taken late at night with the flash, its hard to see how creamy the color really is. One of my neighbords described it a luscious - it really has some nice depth to it. The flash also emphasizes that the white of our vinyl shutters doesn't match the trim paint but thats not very obvious by normal light. We haven't painted the two front doors yet since we're hoping to be able to dip them and reveal the cyprus wood like we did for the panel doors.


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