Monday, April 24, 2006

Hitting the Wall

So I hit the wall this evening - and not with paint. After dinner I managed to do the first coat of trim paint on the kids' bedroom window, transom, and closet doors. I then moved on to the first coast of trim paint on the great room trim. The first sign that I had enough was that I just couldn't stomach the thought of painting another window. So skipped the inside of the window and just painted the frame since that was all I needed done in order to do the cut-in of the wall paint.

But 5 minutes later as I was starting on the first of our two doors, I realized that I had hit my limit. It wasn't that I was physically worn out - I'm sore, but in the good "I've had a good workout" kind of way. It was that mentally I'd had all that I could take and no amount of good music to listen to or hockey on the TV could keep me going. I managed to push myself through the door, one front window and the baseboard in that half of the room and then called it a night.

So I'm at the point where I'm going to wrap up my big push. Before I leave for Mobile, I need to at least get the last coat of ceiling paint done in the great room. And I should try to do the final coat of trim paint in the kids' room (leaving the shelves unpainted though). That's all I'm going to try and accomplish tomorrow. The rest of the time I'll focus on work, packing up, and taming the yard. With those few things done, I can at least return the house to a semi-normal state for our boarder Alex while we're gone.

After the kid arrives and we've started to adjust to our new two kid reality, I can consider a weekend trip back to N.O. to wrap up some of the projects. There really isn't that much work left but its definitely too much for me to take on right now.


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