Thursday, April 20, 2006

Going Off Half Caulked

So it was a long day, and I'm having trouble coming up with catchy titles day after day. Other than my work's weekly status call this afternoon, I spent the entire day working on the kids' bedroom. First thing in the morning, I did the second (and last) coat on the ceiling. I then cut all the monster quarter round for the baseboards and painted the cut ends of it. While waiting for that to dry, I did the first coat of trim paint cut in on the shelving unit. Then I installed the quarter round, filled the nail gun holes, and caulked everything that needed it. Finally, this evening I did the first coat of white trim paint on everything.

Tomorrow morning my plans are to do the second coat of trim paint in the room and while I'm waiting for that to dry, I will start installing the quarter round in the front room. Tomorrow afternoon and evening I should be able to do the first cut in of the walls in green. I may even get to roll the first coat of paint. I'll just be happy to be painting something other that white for a change.


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Holly said...

More pictures of the rest of the room, please! It looks great!


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