Monday, April 17, 2006

In the Nick of Prime

This morning I did all the cut in on the walls and doors for the primer. I took the afternoon off to clean up the house and start packing up what I'll need for my stay in Mobile. I even snuck in a 1 hour nap since I was up so late last night.

This evening I then rolled all the primer onto the shelves, ceiling, and walls. The lighter color makes the room look much larger so I can't wait to get the final color up on the walls. I've arranged to borrow a neighbors truck tomorrow morning so I'll spend the early morning picking up two of our panels doors from the paint strippers and, if time allows, also getting the shoe and colonial moulding for the bedroom and front room.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to be able to install some of the molding and start painting the shelves and trim with the first coat of the white trim paint. If time allows, I'll also do the first coat of white ceiling paint as well.


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Melanie said...

It's looking good, Paul. How tall are your ceilings, btw? And are you going to install a library ladder so you guys can reach the top shelves of the monolith? :)

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Paul said...

We've got 12 foot ceilings in the house and while they're wonderful to have, they making painting a real pain in the rear. For any given wall, you've got 50% more surface area than a normal house would have (with 8' ceilings). And ceilings can be a nightmare since I have to use an 8' ladder to reach them (even with an extender for the roller).

We've become so used to the tall ceilings that being in a "regular" height room now feels funny to me.

At 5:41 AM, Blogger Gwen said...


it looks fabulous!!! kudos to you for all of your hard work getting things ready for kate and the rest of your family. gotta love a deadline, i think we got more done at our house in the last 3 months of BP's pregnancy than in the first few years of living there. maybe that's a good reason for #2..
anyhow, good job!



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