Sunday, April 16, 2006

Y.A.S.P. (Yet Another Shelf Post)

Day 5 of working on the shelves and they're finally ready for paint. This morning I installed the baseboards around them. I then caulked and filled in the nail gun holes. I followed that with lots of sanding and even more vacuuming and damp wiping to get rid of all the dust. This evening I've just now off the area and hope to apply the first coat of primer tonight.

I did at least take the afternoon off to play some unicyle polo since it was Alex's last game before he heads up to work at Hershey Park (as a professional juggler/dancer/entertainer) for the summer. After that I spent the early evening getting our master bedroom and bath cleaned up for the other Alex (our boarder) since he'll be using that room while I rennovate the kids' bedroom (I'm sleeping in the front room for a few days).


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