Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Before and After, Colonial Style

When we purchased our house, all of the trim around the doors and windows was simple boards with no details. While it was a nice clean look, it was missing that something extra you would expect in a historic home. As we visited other homes in New Orleans, I noticed that many of the nicer ones had an edge detail on the door and window frames. I soon learned that this was called "colonial" moulding and was available at our local lumber yard.

I picked some up today while I had my neighbor's truck and originally intended to just store it in the out building until I had a chance to install it. However, since I'm getting ready to prime and paint all of the trim for the kids' bedroom, I decided to go ahead and install it so that I could paint it at the same time.

The before and after pictures don't really do it justice - the little extra detail the edge trim gives the framing around our doors and windows really makes the room much more elegant looking.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Holly said...

This really does look incredible. Just think how breath-taking it will look once the front room is painted. :-)

One thing that the pictures do not capture is the awesome amount of work involved. It's one thing to have to prime every single surface (including trim, windows, and ceiling). It's another to then have to apply two coats of paint to every surface. But doing all that on 12-foot walls that require significant prep work... it's really a very laborous task. Go Pancho!


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