Friday, June 23, 2006

Return of the Shelves

Today we spent the late afternoon in our next door neighbors pool with Will (and Kate sleeping in her car seat on the pool deck), so everyone was bathed before dinner. So after dinner I left Holly to put Will to bed and went to work in our out building our back. Two hours later I had built the bottom unit of what will be built in shelves in my study. We have a nook behind the door and next to the closet in that room that we want shelves in. These are going to be substantially wider than the last shelves I built so I decided to do them in three sections as opposed to two. So tonight I built the bottom section and cut all the shelves for all of the sections along with the sides of the next section. If its not too hot tomorrow or Sunday I hope to build the next section and get started on the third if I can.


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