Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shelves Are In!

Tonight I was able top build and install the third and final section for the bookshelves in my study. Because of how unsquare the walls are and the difficulty in getting the upper sections in around the door frame, I'm not going to try to build them to the ceiling. In the long run, I may build in more storage on top of the shelves, but I'll do it in place like I did over the shower in the front bath.

The next step for the shelves will be to trim them out and install bracing underneath the main bookshelves so they don't bow under the weight of the books. The trimming out of the shelves will have to wait until we get back from the 4th of July in Mobile. The Lowe's in Mobile has a much better stock of select poplar trim boards. So I've been purchasing all of that trim when I can.

Tomorrow Holly and the kids go to Mobile for the long weekend and I'll be joining them late Sunday. In the meantime, I'll be installing colonial moulding and shoe moulding in the kitchen, play room, and hallway. Today I picked up 280 linear feet of the colonial moulding which entailed tieing 20 fourteen foot boards wrapped in blankets to the roof of our station wagon. Fortunately, the lumber yard is only about 4 blocks from our home. I probably would have been better off just walking home with the wood if it had not weighed so much.


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